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by Stephen Wilbers, Ph.D.

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"Techniques for Writers, Both Creative & Professional"
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9 a.m.- 1 p.m., Saturday, May 16

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My column appears every other Monday in the Minneapolis Star Tribune,
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Two 30-second writing exercises

Weekly error: Correct the error in the sentence below.
“I would appreciate it if you would please – how many times do I need to ask? – send the memo to John and myself.”

Weekly tip: Complete the sentence below for stylistic effect.
“They process you out of the army in about two hours
say the pledge of allegiance, get in a taxicab, get on a plane, take off your uniform in the toilet, and fly to Minnesota. It was over, in a day and a half – from Vietnam, to Seattle, to Minnesota. It was fast and effortless, just like . . .”



Quote of the week
“I ask my students to read Jane Kenyon when their fiction doesn’t have enough concrete nouns in it.”
– Amy Cannon, speaking at the 2015 AWP Conference and Bookfair in Minneapolis